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First results (2007-2008)

First results

Sissi: Preliminary Plan after the 2007 campaign

Following the GPR-survey, during the 2007 campaign, the hill was tested in four different areas: on the lowest terrace flanking the sea to the north (zone 1), on the middle terrace to the northwest (zone 2) and on two different spots on the summit of the hill: a large area to the north†(zones 3 and 4) and an area against the southwest slope (zone 5). Work continued in the same areas during the 2008 campaign and we also opened a trench in the southeast†part†of the summit plateau (zone 6).

Moreover, while cutting down vegetation which was hiding standing architecture, we came across a ‘cyclopean’ wall, located at the foot of the hill, to the southwest, there where access is most easy.

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