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Aerial Photography & DVD recording

In 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011, Christophe Gaston flew his kite over the site, producing a marvelous series of aerial pictures at different altitudes. The photograph which opens the website is his. For this work he used a compact Fujifilm E 900 (9M pixels) camera with a 32 mm lens. The photographs were corrected afterwards for optical deformation. The camera is attached to a large Rokaku kite and connected to a small video screen (HI8) coupled to a radio transmitter on the ground which allows us to envision the image before shooting it. Christophe has also worked at Malia, Palaikastro, Delos and many other sites and more information can be found on his own website at

Christophe also brought an 8 m long pole with which low aerial vertical shots were taken of the individual trenches. We now have our own pole for day-to-day recording.

Apart from the usual recording systems and the Toughbooks, we also keep a video diary. Twice a day, our cameraman passes each area of the excavation to record visually (with spoken comments by the area supervisor) what has been going on. When something happens – a strange feature, an interesting observation, a special find – this is also recorded.