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Virtual Tours : Introduction

The virtual tour is a panoramic photo which can be developed into a film, hence allowing the viewer to discover a 360° horizontal and 180° vertical view of the theme photographed, with only a simple movement of his/her mouse. This tool is used for a variety of purposes, including the internet presentation of hotels, remarkable landscapes, inside views of museums etc. This way, future visitors are able to gain an overall impression of their chosen destination. Archaeologists have used panoramic photographs for scientific purposes in the past. The aim of this type of documentation was evidently to acquire an overall view of the place examined in each case, whether it was during a survey or an excavation. However, such pictures have usually covered only a limited part of the location in question. In order to be more effective, are making 360° pictures which subsequently can be turned into a film. During the 2008 excavation campaign at Sissi, a number of virtual tours were made by Thibaut Gomrée & Lina Manousogiannaki-Gomrée.

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