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Sylviane, 24 years old, PhD candidate:

‘The archaeological academic education is mostly theoretical, as it takes place in classrooms and libraries. Yet fieldwork is of major importance in the archaeologist’s work. While getting students and young researchers involved, the Sissi Archaeological Project (S.Ar.P.edon) give us the opportunity to be initiated to the different facets of the carrier we are aspiring to. As Belgians, excavating a Cretan Bronze Age site is yet an extra chance, as the Minoan archaeological landscape is mainly dominated by Greek, British and American teams’.

Thomas, 25 years old, student in building conservation:

‘Suffering under the heat of the sun, breathing the dust of the earth, moving buckets of earth, sweat is an illusion, digging carefully, please stay patient, to discover finally a treasure! That’s the life of an archaeologist marvelled by the tourists in slip and bikini on the other side of the fence…..’