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All gifts over 40€ are tax deductible and you will receive an attestation from the part of the university at the end of each fiscal year. Please address all gifts to the account :
340-1813407-30 (ING)

IBAN: BE15 3401 8134 0730
271-0366401-64 (BNP Paribas Fortis)
IBAN : BE29 2710 3664 0164
Fondation Louvain, Place de l’Université – B 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Mentioning : Project ARKE 1351 Sissi
For France and other European countries, see
Adding the mention: 500477/TGE Belgium – UCL + Projet ARKE1351 Sissi
For US donors, please send a check in US$ made out to INSTAP (the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, 2133 Arch St., Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA) to the attention of Karen B. Vellucci, Director of Grant Programs, accompanied by a letter indicating that this is a gift for the Sissi project. You will receive a letter acknowledging the gift which can be used for tax purposes.
The scientific program is made financially possible thanks to the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, the Université Catholique de Louvain (Fonds Spécial de Recherche), the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (IDO), the Belgian School at Athens, the Fonds National de Recherche Scientifique and the Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek as well as a number of private sponsors, who we thank warmly :

The Kinotita of Vrachasi
The politistiko sillogo of Sissi
The Compagnie du Bois Sauvage
Mr. & Mrs T.F. Cunningham
Mr & Mrs Henry T. Davis
Loterie Nationale
Ministère de la région wallonne

Mr. M. Conreur
Axa Bank
Assurances Langohr
Mrs F. Stoffel
Mrs Langohr-Stassen
Mr. J. Germain
The Driessen Family
The Dehollander-Driessen Family
Prof. C.J. Knappett
Prof. P.M. Vermeersch
Prof. J. Bretschneider
Mr. H. Fiasse
Mrs A. De Broux
Mrs J. Macq
Mr. Giorgios Markakis
Mr P. Kress
Prof. R. Lebrun
Dr. P. Bovens
Mr & Mrs Gavin and Rosemarie McGuire
Mr Frédéric Isaac Castiau
The Rector of the UClouvain
Special sponsors for the Old School at Vrachasi transformation: M. Luc Drappier